Wavy & Checked

Small editions of cups, plates and bowls, which became the signature pieces of our collection.

Simple shape ceramics with our classic paintings first started with two hand-drawn motifs, which were the key patterns for our first collections ever made. Effortless shapes of our mugs, bowls and plates were designed to be a blank canvas for Karolina’s pencil hand-drawn wavy lines and checks. They evolved slowly, trough time, into more versions of painted patterns, pyjama stripes, matisse-like leafs, abstract shapes and other simple various brush stroke illustrations, that are typical for Karolina’s work.

All our products are made by hand and hand-drawn by Karolína, which means that any two illustrations are never going to be the same. The paintings will evolve and change slightly over time.




01 Checked Vase, 02 Wavy Butter Plate, 03 Tea Towel from the collection

It is always one-of-a-kind and slightly similar, but each is still quite unique. You can choose from various hand-drawn patterns, our all-time favourite checks, wavy lines, and our inevitable faces.

They are finished with transparent glaze and fired at a high temperature. When drawing and painting our products individually by hand, it means that two illustrations are never going to be the same.

The painting evolves and slightly changes over time with the painter’s style and hand. With these, you can always be sure that each piece is an original tiny piece of art for everyday rituals.


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