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You know that you can ask us anything, right? We’re on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter but email is our favourite.
We’ve tried to put together answers to questions we thought you might want to ask!

1. Transport and pickup

How will my order travel to me?

– Shipping via DPD/Zásilkovna

We send most of the orders via DPD/Zásilkovna. Your parcel will be delivered to your home or work, please leave us your mobile number, so DPD/Zásilkovna can contact you. A standard delivery usually takes one to three days. We design and make most of our products ourselves (yes, it’s just the two of us), so we’re able to ship orders only twice a week, usually on Tuesdays and Thursdays. But if you need your package ASAP, please let us know, we always find a way (we’ll just run to the post office right away and send it). Please keep in mind that we only accept payment in advance which means we don’t provide cash on delivery.

– How much is the shipping?

Shipping is counted individually – by country. It is CZK 110 in the Czech Republic. You will see it in the checkout, while making the order.
Shipping to the Czech Republic is free for orders over CZK 2000 and to Slovakia over EUR 100.

– How will I know when my package will be delivered?

We’ll let you know when we’ve sent it. Standard delivery within the Czech Republic usually takes one or two days, shipping to Slovakia may take up to a four days and other countries about one week. If you need your shipping number, please let us know, we’ll be happy to send it to you.

P.S. It’s required to fill your phone number in the order because otherwise DPD/Zásilkovna can’t contact you about the date and time of delivery.

– Personal pick up

At the moment, you can pick up your order at the studio (Praha 2 – Vinohrady), once or twice a week. So if you’re in Praha, come to say hi, we’ll be happy to see you! Just let us know first so we have everything ready.

Our studio is little bit hidden. So if you plan to come to pick up your order, please, always let us know in advance and we’ll agree on the date & time. We don’t have a bell, so just give us a call, and we’ll run down and meet you at the door (but you’ll get all the info by email anyways. Please, remember we only accept payment in advance by card or via bank transfer. Once we’ve received the money, we’ll let you know so we can figure out where and when you want to collect your brand new product(s). If you have any further questions or something’s still a little unclear, don’t hesitate to contact us.

– When can I pick it up?

We’ll be more than happy if you come to collect your order in person. We’re always excited to meet our customers! Just please, keep in mind that we’re not a normal shop, so we don’t have any opening hours. We both have a tight schedule so it’s important that you keep the date and time we agree on. We will, of course, do our best to have your order wrapped and ready for you as soon as possible. Please, when you’re on the way to pick up you order, send us a text or call us.

2. We hope that this situation will not happen but…

– What should I do when I collect my parcel at the post office or from a courier and the package is visibly damaged?

Aaaah bummer! But don’t worry, here’s how we fix it. First of all, please keep in mind that the whole process of shipping is provided by external companies. Although we always send your package in perfect condition it may happen that it doesn’t arrive as pretty and shiny as it left us. The most important thing you can do at your end is a check whether the package is alright before you accept it. If your package is in any way damaged or unpacked, do not take it over. If you do, the shipping company may not take your later complaints into consideration because by accepting it you agree with its condition. In case you don’t like what you see, don’t be afraid to say it. All our packages are insured so it’ll be sent back to us and we’ll deal with the delivery company and inform you about what happens next.

– The package looked okay so I opened it and found out that the goods had been damaged. What now?

First of all, let us say we’re very sorry to hear that and we’ll do our best to help you fix this ASAP! Let us know immediately and send us a picture – we’ll figure it out!

3. In stock or not?

– Is everything I see online always in stock?

Most of the products in our e-shop are in stock, but unfortunately not all of them. We design all of the products ourselves and they’re handcrafted either by us or in small sheltered workshops so it can sometimes take a bit longer for them to be in stock. You’ll find this information on the page of the product. It will either be listed as “in stock”, “coming soon”, or “awaited”. If you’re interested in some of our products which aren’t in stock at the moment, contact us on hello@inaugustcompany.com. We know that having to wait is tough once you set your eye on something so we’ll do our best to speed up the process. Bear with us, please.

– Is it possible to take a look at your products in person or try them on?

We don’t have a showroom yet (hopefully sometime in the future) so this option is not yet available. If there’s a pop-up, we’ll let you know on our page and social media. We get it, it’s always best to see things in person but we did put extra work into our photos and descriptions to make them as lifelike as they can be. If you’re unsure about anything, drop us an email hello@inaugustcompany.com and we’ll get back to you with more info. See our process here.

4. Payments

We only accept payment in advance. It can be via card (MasterCard, Visa – provided by GoPay), or a direct bank account transfer (for CZK it is 227801398/0600, for EUR it is 227921090/0600, please use the Order ID for the Variable Symbol). We don’t accept cash, we don’t provide cash on delivery.
You’ll get all the information in your order (methods of payment, account number and variable symbol). It’s the same for orders in the Czech Republic and abroad. (Only transport fees are higher abroad).


Yes. The law states that when you purchase something online, you have the right to return it. Of course we fully respect that, but we do recommend thinking twice, before you buy things in our e-shop because the process of returning the goods is a bit of a waste of time for everyone involved.

Anyway, if that really happens, and you decide to return the goods you purchased via our e-shop, you have to do it in 30 days. You can bring it to our studio (find the address in contacts), or you can send it to us. Goods must be returned in their original packaging, new, complete, undamaged, with no sign of use, wear. Otherwise, we won’t be able to take them back. Please note, that shipping is not refundable. (… this means, we don’t pay your shipping costs, and you’ll be refunded the price of your order minus the shipping.)

The address for returning the goods is:
In August Company s.r.o. – Karolína Stryková, Polská 1a, Praha 2, 120 00.

– How to claim a refund for the goods that are clearly deficient?

If something like that happens, please let us know immediately, right after you unpack your order. If it’s possible, please, send us a photo of the product showing the issue. You can send us the order back, with a simple claim form and the copy of the invoice, or you can bright it to our studio, and we’ll deal with it in person, as fast as possible.
But the easiest way how to do it is to contact us at our email address hello@inaugustcompany.com and we’ll deal with your issue individually.

– Who’s doing your graphic design, photos, website…?

It’s just us. No one else. Everything you see is 100% homemade. We’re both doing all the graphics. Karolina’s in charge of drawing and styling, and Teodorik takes care of the photos and all that’s website related.
But we are glad, we have our friend Tereza @hladova to help us with all the text stuff. 🙂

If you like how we do things and you want to ask us about creating a concept, photographs, website or anything else for you, please go ahead and get in touch!


– I would like to sell your products in my store, is it possible?

We’re always happy to cooperate with interesting people, shops and places. Please send us an email, describe your concept and we’ll get back to you with a catalogue or a limited collection especially for your shop.

– I would like to cooperate with your brand, have a customized design or a collection for my brand, project, shop or cafe…

YAY! We can’t wait to create custom designs for interesting projects! Write to us!


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