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A small guide to help you treat our products well and live life In August Company for as long as possible.


We recommend washing your kitchen textiles at 40°C and ironing on higher temperature. Make sure you wash them before first use. You don’t have to worry about the print. It will last long, it’s safe (has all the attestations) and you can wash it in a washing machine and iron it.
Linen can be washed at high temperatures, but it may cause shrinkage of up to 10% and weaken (or break) the fibers. The same goes for the dryer. That’s why we recommend using the gentle machine cycle. It’s better to hang dry. Do not wrinkle.
For best results, wash linen separately from other fabrics. Use mild detergent intended for delicate fabrics. Don’t use bleach or detergent with optical brighteners. If it’s necessary to remove some stains, we recommend bile soap, but be aware, it may destroy the color of the print. Do not overload your washing machine. It’s natural for linen to wrinkle, crumple and crease. But if you really want your linen to be pressed, you can iron on medium heat, while it’s still a bit damp or overlay it with a damp towel.
Our linen kitchen products are sold not pre-washed. Please note, that they will reduce its size by up to 5%. We recommend to wash tea towels before first use. Pillow cases are sold pre-washed, so you can use them right away.


Wash inside out with similar colours in lukewarm water (30°C), using the gentle cycle. Hang dry, do not tumble dry. If necessary, iron on medium heat. If in doubt, ask your mum. Please think about the environment, use eco products only.

Please think about the environment, use eco products only.


Our products are made of various kinds of wood such as olive, plum, walnut, cherry, etc.
Spoons are finished with linen oil, egg cups are finished with sunflower oil. Wash carefully by hand with warm water and mild soap, don’t put in the dishwasher. Don’t let your spoon or egg cup soak in large amounts of water for long periods of time. Dry with a tea towel. From time to time, you can rub in a small amount of oil (any type will do), using a soft cloth or a paper towel to make it last longer.


All of our ceramics are dishwasher safe (we don’t know about microwaves, they’ll probably be okay, but your food may not, so just to be safe, we recommend you to avoid them). All of our ceramic products are made of food-safe materials, and they have all the necessary attestations.

All of our ceramic products are made of food-safe materials.


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