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Coffee cup – limited edition. Hand-thrown stoneware clay using a wood-fired oven.

Exact size for a filtered morning coffee. Or for anything you like to drink. 

approx. 280ml / sold individually / made of food-safe materials for everyday use

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We love a good cup. Honestly, why would you want to drink from something less than perfect? This one’s the right size for your filtered morning coffee or for anything you’d like to drink any time of day, really. We spent months designing the cup and we’re more than happy to say that now it’s exactly the way we want it to be. It’s made of stoneware clay in a wood-fired oven, which gives it a unique feel and structure.

Real fire changes the colour and structure of clay, so a simple white glaze sometimes turns yellowish, and black glaze may turn brownish or copper. To make things even better, the cups are hand-thrown by Mr. Koller, so each cup differs slightly in shape and glaze so you can be sure that each piece is an original.

P.S. Matcha friendly!

Designed by In August Company in Prague, crafted especially for us by the ceramist Martin Koller in central Bohemia. 


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