Black lunch plate


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A very limited edition of lunch plates. A hand-thrown piece made of black clay clay and unique glaze.

approx. 20cm diameter * 1–1,2 cm height / sold individually / made of food-safe materials for everyday use

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Lunch plate came from a real need for a simple, minimalistic plate for everyday use. Bread and butter in the morning, something small for lunch or dinner. But it will easily serve a great piece of cake. Perfect size for anything you like.


The plates are made of black stoneware clay and hand-thrown by Václav Kugler, so each piece differs slightly in shape and glaze so you can be sure that each piece is an original.
As for the glaze, one is a special white glaze mixed with ash and the other is a very unique black glaze with tiny yellow crystals, which may turn matte gold when placed in the top part of the oven.

Each piece differs slightly in shape and glaze so you can be sure that each piece is an original

Ceramics and clay in general is a world of its own, and we were very lucky to be introduced into this great craft by such an enthusiastic ceramist that is Václav Kugler whom we met last year, when we were trying to dig a bit deeper into this craft. Václav Kugler is truly one of a kind when it comes to ceramics. He studied engineering and, among others, worked as a managing director of various projects and also as a fundraiser for a non-profit organisation. After working as a leading expert in his field for a number of years, he decided to go in a completely different direction and found the beauty of making ceramics.

He began learning the craft, and soon started to experiment as he never felt completely satisfied with the regular process and its outcomes. Václav works with various materials and different types of firing, trying to combine traditional ways with innovative and crazy techniques. In addition, he’s currently teaching workshops and courses with the aim of preserving the craft skills. He also founded keramikum, with the idea to build a community of ceramists, protect and care for the craft and connect ceramic artists and craftsmen all over the country.


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