Ceramics Painting Workshop (in Czech)


Ceramics painting workshop with a small breakfast & filtered coffee

We will welcome you to our studio with a small breakfast and take some time to enjoy a nice cup of filtered coffee or herbal tea and chat about our approach to art, craft, and clay. After signing in, please let us know about any food allergies or restrictions you may have.

The workshop will take place in our showroom & studio at Dr. Zikmunda Wintra 791/17, Praha 6. It will last approximately 2.5 hours and will be in Czech.

The event is limited to only 6 people.

What is included in the price?

Our large mug with a handle for painting, a small breakfast, filtered coffee or herbal tea, paper and ceramic materials for learning how to paint, paints, and brushes (plus some extra small cups if anyone would be interested in painting more).



Product Details

What will the workshop be about?

• Karolina will explain some basic details about clay and ceramics in general: how it works, what techniques can be used, which techniques we work with, and how it is fired.
• Types of painting on raw clay – in the leather-hard stage, slips and underglazes, on glaze, and our approach to decorating ceramics.
• Drawing and the process of inventing our own motifs.
• The actual painting on the ceramics.
• Simple breakfast & coffee
• You will pickup / receive the finished product few weeks after the workshop (1–2 weeks)

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