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Espresso cup – very limited edition. Hand-thrown stoneware clay using a wood-fired oven.

Approx. 100ml / sold individually / made of food-safe materials for everyday use

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Sometimes smaller is better so we decided to also make a tiny version of our morning coffee cup. We like our espresso the Italian way, so why not try it from a Nordic-style cup. Are you ready for this combo?

The cups are made of stoneware clay using wood ovengiving each cup a unique feel and structure. They’re handthrownwhich makes each piece unique and slightly different in shape anglaze. When burnwith real fire, the clay changes colour and structure so white glazmay take on a yellowish tinge and black glaze may turn reddish brown

Designed by In August Co. in Prague, handthrown especially for us by the ceramist Martin Koller in central Bohemia. 


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