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These pieces we classify as „seconds“ . We aren’t able to sell at full-price, but they are useful, functional, and food safe. Some have a slightly uneven bottom, so they don’t sit perfectly flat on the surface – but do not worry, they won’t tip over. The paint and glaze color are not as vibrant as we would desired. Some areas are tinted more towards brown or have brown spots, which unexpectedly occurred during firing in the gas kiln. A piece may not have the desired size or shape – it may be slightly tapered, convex, or slightly narrower compared to others.

We do not perceive these imperfections as defects, but as part of the handmade craftsmanship process.

Please note, each piece is unique and may vary in some way. Sold individually.

Product Details

Weight 0.5 kg
Made in Prague (Czech Republic)
Materials Stoneware Clay
Techniques Gas fired, Wheel-thrown pottery
Volume approx. 560ml
Product Care Care Guide
ID 11121
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