Linen pillow case / Safflowers bloom

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Colorful aquarelle paintings digitally printed on 100% linen fabric. Size of the cushion cover is 40x40cm, it’s pre-washed, so it won’t change size afterward.
Each piece is original, made from a different cut of fabric, so each part of the drawing on the pillow may be different than the one on the picture.
You can also choose from two types of an inner cushion filling.
Hypoallergenic polyester, made in the Czech Republic, or a feather filling of Swedish quality.

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inner cushion

pillow case only, with feather inner cushion

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Although at one point we used to have two studios and also a proper workspace at home, we ended up doing most of our work on the couch. Sitting there all day with a laptop, snuggled up in a blanket, with a cup of coffee, surrounded with all these nice and soft cushions.

The best workplace ever. Can we stay like that forever, please?

So it comes as no surprise that a cushion was one of the first products that jumped to mind when we started thinking about printing our drawings on linen. It makes us super happy to see our drawings on something that can be used as well as looked at, and a cushion ticks both of these boxes! To make things even better, it’s made from our most favourite material – linen and linen only. What can we say? It’s a win-win!

Out fabrics are made and printed in the Czech Republic. Our cushions are designed in Prague and sewed in a small sheltered workshop in Vysočina. 

Linen is naturally antibacterial. Linen fiber is low in elasticity, which means your products won’t lose their shape. It’s beautiful to look at as well as to touch. Linen is not only very good in absorbing moisture, but it’s also able to release it fast.

P.S. Bed cushions will be available soon, so your bed has something to look forward to as well:)


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