Linen table runner / Diamond checked pattern




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This table runner is made of linen and linen only. Classic checked pattern with a funny twist. Strong linen textile in natural or white color with a slightly rough texture.

Various ink drawings only in the shades of black, digitally printed on white and natural 100% linen, all original by In August Co. printed and sewed in the Czech Republic.

Approximate size: 46 cm x 145 cm

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Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 50 × 70 cm

print on natual, print on white

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Linen is addictive. Once you start using it, you want to use it for everything, you can take our word for it. We fell in love with linen a long time ago, and we’re now very happy to present you our basic linen collection so you can fall in love with it too. We have lots of linen-based ideas, so there’s more to look forward to.

We created an endless amount of textile patterns, but, in the end, we decided to start only with one pattern line. It’s the basic table style pattern that you may know from your grandma, with a bit of Italian and Nordic influence (Did we mention we really like this crazy combo?:) So here it is, meet the August Checked Pattern – various ink drawings in shades of black, digitally printed on white and natural linen.

Minimalistic look yet warm and comfortable. It’s natural for linen to wrinkle, crumple and crease. But if you really want your linen to be pressed, you can iron it on medium heat, while it’s still a bit damp or overlay it with a damp towel, which will make it slightly shiny. There always needs to be a good table cloth on the table. This one especially goes well together with our various patterns on other kitchen textile.

100% linen is a perfectly water absorbent, machine washable, and long lasting material. To make it even better, it dries quickly.

Printed in Moravia and sewed with love and attention to detail by a small sheltered workshop in Vysočina.


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