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THE LISSOME publishes an annual print edition featuring essays, interviews, poetry and fashion stories. “There is a beautiful slowness and intentionality that comes with creating something that materialises in the world – as well as with reading something in print rather than on fleeting online pages. We aspire to create print editions that are beautiful and long-lasting, that inspire through their physical form as well as their purposeful content and that can be referred back to in time and passed on to future generations of readers.” – The Lissome

The Lissome N°3: Cosmic Commons, envisions a synthesis of the intimate and the celestial and takes a playful dive into the galaxies of outer space and inner worlds. They aim to create a vision board for (a) collaborate future(s), a living breathing commons, filled with cosmic laughter and universal love.

Berlin, Germany

The Book of Kin included in the magazine.

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