Persian green cup


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Hand thrown mug for a colourful morning.
Each piece is unique and slightly different in shape. Made from food-safe materials. 
approx. 160 – 190ml / sold individually
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Our essential green cup in a different green glaze, very limited supply.

Meet the first ceramic piece we designed for our morning mint tea (but any other tea or coffee will do just fine). This new green friend of yours is guaranteed to make your mornings more lush and colorful. It’s hand-thrown from terracotta and finished with a funky green glaze. Each cup is unique with a slightly different shade of green. Thick enough to keep your tea warm, without burning your fingers. It can hold 180ml of your preferred beverage.

Designed by In August Co. in Prague, made in a sheltered workshop of Benediktus company from Vysočina.

All cups are made from food-safe materials. It’s best to hand-wash them, but they do survive a dishwasher cycle as well. Microwaves and ovens are discouraged.

P.S. Matcha friendly!


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