Small Plate no.06


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Small plate no.06 from the Stone collection.

This collection of ceramic stoneware evolved very slowly and at first, very subconsciously, began to resemble stones and pebbles. They were made to be very rough and look like something you would find on the ground or on the beach. They were meant to look like something you would see and pick up and want to collect and take home.

Each piece is individually shaped by hand and though it may never be repeated again in the same way. Karolína uses various hand-building techniques to achieve their unique look.

They are made from very rough stoneware clay, glazed with only two unique glazes and fired on a very high temperature in a gas-firing kiln, which also gives it an unrepeatable look.

Sold individually. Made of food-safe materials for everyday use.

⌀ approx. 14-15cm



Product Details

Weight 0.3 kg
Made in Prague (Czech Republic)
Materials Stoneware Clay
Techniques Gas fired, Hand-sculpted
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ID 0103018
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