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The first book we’ve made as In August Company – Studio Cookbook. (Prague, December 2022)
Published by In August Company in Prague, December 2022. Printed in the Czech Republic.

Our customers, friends and the community around our brand are very food-centred. Most people who buy our products are food enthusiasts, people who care about what they put in their bodies, and people who enjoy cooking and eating (together), and that is also how we got to know Petr Židek.

Petr’s partner Klára Waldhauserová was one of our early customers and still is, we proudly say, a person who uses In August Company pieces daily, not just in her kitchen. Petr is a young chef, and we always liked the places he touched (cooked in), and it was our first choice to ask them to help us make a tiny book about studio lunches – just a small guide for us on what to eat while at work.

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