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Our products came out of passion and love for objects around us. We developed a certain need to surround ourselves with beautiful things. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a ceramic cup, wooden table or a cotton throw. We simply realized that living with things that are well made and have a story behind them puts us in a good mood and makes us who we are.

Our products came out of passion and love for objects around us.

We’re both design enthusiasts, creatives and keen collectors, so soon after we started living together, it became quite clear that this shared love of design and fine craftsmanship was going to take us somewhere fun. It first started as a project combining our two passions – drawing and photography and, before long, we took it a step further and began designing objects for everyday use.


Karolína is a truly creative soul, working in various fields of arts and crafts. As an illustrator and letterer, she can never stick with just one project. She studied graphics, bookbinding, graphic design and typography, and more than anything, she enjoys the beauty of combining all of it together.

She started her first brand a long time ago, opened a shop called Polagraph together with her friends and then left it to study typography for a while. She has her own stationery brand Paragraph paper&graphics and has been teaching lettering workshops Krasopísmo for the past two years.

Apart from that, she’s also been working on visual identities for small companies and individuals as well as drawing on walls of offices for bigger clients and illustrating children’s books.


Teodorik combines many creative fields together and he likes to learn new things everyday. It all began when he was thirteen and decided to start a website magazine about skateboarding.

After school and during weekends, he photographed his friends with a borrowed camera and then spent many evenings and nights designing and coding the website. Later on, he started “directing” short skate videos and making T-shirts for his friends.

He studied photography but used the skills he’d learned years ago in side jobs. When working on a project, he’d try combining various disciplines and, more often than not, it resulted in a website. Now he’s doing pretty much the same, only for bigger clients.

He likes to be part of the projects he works on right from the early stages, so he can be in real connection with them and help ideas scribbled on a piece of paper come to life. He basically always aims for the same – to create things that are not only beautiful to look at but are also useful and meaningful.

We’d like to thank everyone who helped us make this thing happen. Our brand wouldn’t be online without the support of our closest friends. Thank you for believing in us from the very beginning, it means a lot. We especially want to say a huge thanks to Tereza Pospíšilová for the amazing work she did with all the text writing and editing and Lucie Fenclová for taking our portrait above. Thanks to Deborah and Eda for being our greatest, most beautiful models.

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