Embracing the Craft

Embracing the Craft collection was made during Summer and Autumn 2021 and we had a chance to present it at Prague International Design Festival – Designblok (2021).

The exhibition took place at the Museum of Decorative Arts in Prague. Our series is about “Embracing the Craft” and is inspired by our signature products and the four key materials we are working with – wood, textile, ceramics and paper.

We admire good craftsmanship, we love learning about materials, and we’re happy to show you the production process from the early stages until the finishing touches. We make sure you know as much as possible about where they come from, and how they’re made, be it textile, paper, ceramics or wood. 
We aim to source most of the materials we use locally, and to offer you the best quality possible.



When we give a place of honour in the drawing-room to an ancient Etruscan vase which we consider beautiful, well proportioned and made with precision and economy, we must also remember that the vase once had an extremely common use. Most probably it was used for cooking-oil. It was made by a designer of those times, when art and life went hand in hand and there was no such thing as a work of art to look at and just any old thing to use.

– Bruno Munari, Design as Art (1966)

01 Bruno Munari: Design as Art, 02 Interior

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