“A lot of people have been asking us about merchandise and whether we have some, but it never really made sense for us to make some random U / U merch like other companies. That’s why we always put the idea aside.

But then this summer, I randomly met Teodorik, a really good friend of mine from skating, and Karolina in Copenhagen. They were there for 3days of design and our studio for CPH OPEN (a skate event) and it blended perfectly. Besides being cool, they are also the owners of @inaugustcompany. Naturally, we were talking about our companies, how it’s going and what we stand for. What our values are. We came to a conclusion that, as IAC says, our products came out of passion and love for the objects around us. That’s pretty much what we share.

After that, it was more than clear that this is the collab we always wanted. We are stoked to introduce you to our collaboration, which is 100% made in Europe with the highest quality. In August Company means ‘in good company’. That is how we feel now.”

– Martin, U/U Studio




01 Martin in our hoodie, 02 Karolina’s sketches, 03 U/U Studio


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