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This workwear apron is made of a heavy 50% cotton & 50% linen canvas in its natural colour.

The waist strap is to be tied at the back or front, with an adjustable neck strap that will definitely fit all.

Designed in Prague from the Czech canvas and sewed with love and attention to detail by a small workshop.

Product Details

Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 88 × 80 cm
Materials Cotton, Linen
Size unisex size, lenght 87 cm, width 80 cm

The everyday apron is a perfect companion for everyone who simply does things. It was made to look very simple, stylish, and most importantly, practical. Unisex & traditional fit in the modern look.

Inspired by classic workwear, it is made from a very resistant heavy cotton & linen canvas from The Czech republic. Sewn with attention to detail in Vysočina. With a large utility pocket on the front, it will fit not only to chefs but also to a pottery maker, artist, gardener, or just anyone who needs to dress up for their craft, hobby, or work. With adjustable neck strap – one size simply fits all.


The waist strap is very long and can be tied at the back or front.

Cotton & linen canvas is a strong textile material, that will stay in great shape over a long time and will age perfectly. This piece was made for generations.

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