Small Talks with Katie Prinsen

The best part of what we do has always been the people we meet – like-minded creatives who channel their energy into perfecting their craft, whatever their chosen medium. We’re always curious to find out about their process, inspiration, and, because we’re nosey, their favourite breakfast food.

In our latest edition of Small Talks, we caught up with Katie Prinsen, owner of Prince Coffee and our stockist in Portland, Oregon, to find out about her morning rituals, what motivates her, and where to find the best martini in her neighbourhood.

Katie Prinsen, owner of Prince Coffee and our stockist in Portland, Oregon

Hey Katie! So, it’s Saturday morning – where will we find you?

It’s spring so chances are high I will be working in my yard or garden or hanging with my husband and son somewhere outside! Our farmers market is always a fun Saturday activity.

What’s on the breakfast menu?

Call me boring but most mornings consist of eggs and toast. If I have extra time I love making oatmeal with way too many things in it – egg whites, chia seeds, flax meal, fresh fruit, cinnamon and peanut butter.

Fast-forward to Monday – how are you starting your day? Any rituals?

Monday is my favourite day of the week because it means a new start! My husband takes my son to school in the mornings, so I quickly try to clean up the house from the weekend crazy-ness. After I clean up and get ready, it’s always so nice for me to get to make breakfast and sit down on my computer and catch up on emails, bills, etc. It is kind of a way to set my intentions for the week. After that I go to both our coffee shops to check in with the employees and make sure everything is going well.

What’s the soundtrack?

Again with my son (he’s 3) – I am trying to introduce him to a wide variety of music, so what we have been listening to has been all over the board. But when I’m in the car by myself, I love a little James Blake, Boy Genius, or Fleetwood Mac. One of my employees also makes great playlists I enjoy listening to!

Can we see the view from your window?

Where do you look for inspiration? Inside or out?

Travel is definitely my number one source of inspiration. Getting out of my daily routine and seeing other parts of the world’s culture, how they do things and the ways they decorate their spaces has always been inspiring to me. I feel like I always come back from trips with new ideas and a clear mind.

Any good reads recently?

I’m currently in a book club and we read one book a month and then get together, cook food related to the book and talk about what we loved or hated about it. Everyone takes turns picking the books so they aren’t always my favourite reads but it’s definitely always fun! A favourite I have read recently would be Cutting for Stone by Abraham Verghese, and also North Woods by Daniel Mason. On my list to read next is Barbara Kingsolver’s Demon Copperhead.

Last one – your best friend is visiting, where’s the first spot you take them?

Coffee and breakfast at Proud Mary (or Prince, obviously), then to Sauvie Island for a little nature walk and to visit my favourite plant nursery, Cistus. For dinner I would take them to either a cute new spot called Xiao Ye (First generation American food), or this delicious thai-chinese spot called Yaowarat. Drinks after at Pacific Standard – they make a delicious martini.

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