Digital printing

Digital printing is a specialized process that uses a digital printing machine to directly transfer an image onto paper or textile. It is commonly used for printing complex and vibrant designs due to its ability to apply multiple colors simultaneously. Giclée, derived from the French verb “gicler” meaning “to squirt or spray,” is a specific type of digital printing that combines 12 pigment-based inks. The archival paper used in giclée printing ensures long-lasting quality without yellowing over time.
Giclée prints are created using high-quality digital inkjet printers, resulting in museum-quality, fade-resistant prints that can endure for up to 200 years when properly displayed. Each giclée print is produced individually and is considered a work of art. The inks used, known as archival pigment inks, are designed to be long-lasting and resistant to fading. Acid-free art paper is selected for giclée prints, ensuring the print retains its quality and appearance for many years.




01  Digital printing machine, 02 Process of printing, 03 Color sampler

Our photographs, drawings, and paintings are printed as limited editions using the giclée printing method, which guarantees fine art print quality. Each print is signed and sold unframed, carefully packaged in foil and cardboard or paper boxes for secure shipping.

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