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In August Company isn’t just a brand, it’s a feeling.

It means “to be in good company”… of things as well as people. We are strong believers that surrounding yourself with objects that are well-made can only be a good thing.

Sometimes we find it hard to explain to people what the project is all about. We’re getting better and better at describing it, but it’s one of those things that can’t be fully put into words, you just have to feel it. We hope we will, or perhaps already have, pass this feeling on to you.

Our Blog

The Notes

The Notes is a small blog about our process of creating In August Company. We’ll use this space to introduce some of our craftsmen to you, the places where our products are made, and share some background stories – the pleasant but also demanding part of it all. You’ll also find some of our friends’ projects here, as well as recipes, collaborations, and recommendations. view

White breakfast bowl

Posts from our company

Roasted apples in porridge – @hladova

Our Creative Process

Each piece is made especially and only for In August Co.

Our products came out of passion and love for objects around us. We developed a certain need to surround ourselves with beautiful things. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a ceramic cup, a wooden table or a cotton throw. We simply realized that living with things that are well made and have a story behind them puts us in a good mood and makes us who we are. view


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