Tea Ceremony

This collection draws inspiration from the traditional Japanese tea ceremony. We are inspired by the visual beauty of the ritual, the deep respect for the practice and the energy surrounding it. This collection motivates us to bring small ceremonies into our everyday lives and we are delighted to share this journey with you.

Tea Ceremony (started autumn 2021) presents beautiful gas-fired, hand-thrown vessels and hand-built objects accompanied by our wooden pieces and raw linen textiles, that are screen-printed with three motives. Most of the ceramic pieces are unglazed from the outside and decorated in black and blue. We revel in the beauty of pale colours, simple form, and the natural structure of the materials we work with. Our high-fired ceramic ware is made in a very limited edition, all the pieces are mostly one-of-a-kind.

The collection was created so that you can grow it over time by adding new pieces to it, combine older and newer stuff in a fun way and create your very own set.




01 Work in progress, 02 Still-life, 03 Tea Towel from the collection

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