Linen + Cotton Blend

Cotton and linen blend fabrics are highly absorbent, long-lasting and a beautiful and practical piece of textiles that will look and feel good in your kitchen.

Woven linen cloths have always been one of the finest products for use in the kitchen. This is not only due to its high absorbency, ability to dry quickly, strength and durability, but also due to its extraordinary elasticity, where thanks to its composition – 50% linen – the cloth does not shed fibres. This makes cotton-linen cloths ideal for polishing glass, wiping dishes and so on.


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Our linen kitchen products are not sold pre-washed. Please note that they will reduce its size by up to 10 %. Make sure you wash them before first use.


We recommend washing jaquard textiles at a maximum of 60°C, and using environment-friendly mild detergents. Pre-treat any stains prior to washing. Don’t use bleach or detergent with optical brighteners. For best results, wash linen blends separately from other fabrics and do not overload your washing machine as it can wrinkle or harm the fabric. You don’t have to worry about the motif, as it is directly woven on our jacquard loom from pre-dyed yarns. The yarns are therefore completely dyed and not just printed on the surface. You can wash it in a washing machine and iron from both sides. For maximum absorbency soak the textile in cold water overnight before first wash. Do not use bleach. Linen blends can be washed at high temperatures, but it may cause shrinkage of up to 10% and weaken (or break) the fibres. The same goes for machine drying. We also recommend using a gentle machine cycle, and tumble dry on low temperatures. Do not wrinkle. we do not recommend tumble drying.


Care & storage

It’s natural for linen to wrinkle, crumple and crease. But if you want your linen to be pressed, you can iron it inside out on low heat while it’s still a bit damp or overlay it with a wet towel. When storing your linen, it should always be dry before putting it on a shelf. The closet should be well ventilated, cool and dry. If you are storing your linen for a long time, it can create deep wrinkles which are hard to smooth out. We recommend refolding it from time to time.

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