Our Story

We’re both design enthusiasts, creatives and keen collectors, so soon after we started living together, it became quite clear that this shared love of design and fine craftsmanship was going to take us somewhere fun. It first started as a project combining our two passions – drawing and photography and, before long, we took it a step further and began designing objects for everyday use.

Karolína & Teodorik ‘s story

We met in 2017 during a creative project for a common client. That was the first time we experienced working together. Later on, when we started our life together, we realized immediately that our profession, passions and shared focus on all things nice would not stay separate. We knew that it wouldn’t take long for us to merge our careers and create something great together. At that time, autumn of 2017, we were both experienced in jobs for clients.

We both worked as art directors on various tasks, creating visual identities for small brands and companies, helping our clients improve their products and launching brands. We were both experienced as graphic designers but studied and worked in other creative fields. Karolína also did illustration and hand-lettering and worked with paper and textiles. Teodorik was doing photography and web design.




01 The first sketches of our logo, 02 a screenshot of Instagram in 2018, 03 Egg holder sketch

We knew what we liked and how to create a brand, we had things in mind that we were missing on the market, and we both had a clear vision of the aesthetics of what we wanted to create. We always had a strong feeling for purpose, and we really enjoyed coming up with ideas and designing together. 

We knew very soon that our mutual skills complement each other perfectly. That was the moment when we were pretty sure that creating a project on our own simply must happen. 

In August Company started as our creative project, where we would practice our passions & crafts and build our own aesthetics using all skills we have, all things we knew, and all experiences we gained over last more than 12 years, each of us doing arts. At first, we combined our biggest passions – drawings and photography. We developed our own style and searched for products and crafts we could slowly piece together.

Soon after that, we took it a step further and began designing objects for everyday use.

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