Kirishima Matcha Midori


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It’s never easy to find matcha tea in organic form, with attributes of sweetness and the umami flavor. Thus, we somewhat gave up on searching for such tea over the years. Only this year, during our journey across the Japanese island of Kyushu, did we find farmers whose organic teas meet these criteria in every way. However, do not expect a pronounced umami and noble sweetness that we enjoy in the highest grades of conventional powdered teas. Instead, anticipate a modest, pleasant tea, which is the best we have encountered in organic production so far. Enjoy the pure natural taste of powdered tea in a form that is reminiscent of teas made a hundred years ago, before the advent of agricultural chemicals.

Packaged in 40g.

Cultivar: Yabukita

Region: Makizono village, Kirishima

Importer: Tea Mountain Co., Horovo nám. 3, Praha 8

Preparation of Usucha (“thin tea”): Take two teaspoons (chashaku) of Matcha powdered tea, pour about 100ml of water at approximately 90°C, and whisk with a bamboo whisk (chasen) until a fine thick foam forms on the surface of the tea.

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