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Our cutting boards are all made of cherry wood, but each is very different in colour. They are finished with linen oil.

The surface is very smooth, but it will get more texture and a rustic look with use.

They are all, of course, handcrafted, so small differences and imperfections are unavoidable.

They are sold individually, the price is per piece. But if you need all three, we also have all the whole collection as a set.

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We’d had the idea to make the perfect cutting board for our home right from the very beginning, we just had to wait a bit to turn these ideas into reality. A good cutting board is a true kitchen essential. It’s something we use every day, not just for chopping, but also for serving or putting a hot pan or teapot on. We simply didn’t want to make any compromises, so, let’s face it, the pressure was on!

On our journey to the perfect product, we asked our friends who are, so to say, cutting board maniacs, what’s the number one thing they look for in a good cutting board. The answer was simple – the handle! So we listened.

Some time ago, Karolina got an old, tiny cutting board from her grandma. It wasn’t really nicely crafted, but the shape was just so simple, cute and minimalistic. We figured we all need some cute and simple things in our kitchens, and because one just wasn’t enough, we came up with this small cutting board set. That’s right, it’s not just one , it’s three! We use the small one for ginger, the medium one for cheese and the biggest one for bread. No more boring boards, please!

It’s important to use the cutting boardfrom both sides. Wash carefully by hand with warm water and mild soap, don’t put in the dishwasher. Don’t let your cutting board soak in large amounts of water for long periods of time. Dry with a tea towel. Always make sure they dry properly after washing. From time to time, you can rub in a small amount of linen oil (but any other type will do), using a soft cloth or a paper towel to make it last longer.


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