We are very happy to be working with great people worldwide, each offering some small collections of the vast range of our products. Since we are based in Prague, the very centre of Europe (exactly 50km from that point), we are able to showcase our products at home, in our studio & showroom to people who come to us. But we don’t think borders and long distances matter when connecting interesting people, brands, places, art, design and experiences like that. And we couldn’t be happier to work closely with these shops & places where you can buy and see our products, even when not coming to Prague.


Austria | Hinterthal


Denmark | Copenhagen


Website | Instagram

France | Nîmes

Textures Comptoirs & Objets

Website | Instagram

Hong Kong


Japan | Tokyo


Poland | Wroclaw

Good Good

South Korea | Seoul


Website | Instagram

Sweden | Gothenburg


Switzerland | Zurich

Honig Kuchen

United Kingdom | Bournemouth

Midday Store

Website | Instagram

United Kingdom | London

Couverture & The Garbstore

USA | Ave Portland, OR

Prince Coffee

USA | Boulder, Colorado

Jones & CO.

USA | Big Sur, CA

Mother Botanical & Shop

Website | Instagram

USA | Brooklyn, NY

Natural Selection

USA | California

Gjusta Goods

USA | Denver, Colorado

La Lovely Vintage

USA | Lincoln, NE


USA | Livingston, MT

Windy Peak Vintage

USA | Oakland

Atomic Garden

USA | Queens, NY

Saint Seneca Store

USA | San Francisco

The Sidewalk Flowers

USA | Santa Barbara, CA


USA | Seattle

Woodland Mod

USA | South Carolina

Metal + Petal

USA | Sylva, NC

n o o n

USA | Venice, CA


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