Ceramics Candleholder


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Handmade candle holder is a new companion for your small home rituals.

Each piece is hand–sculpted by Karolína and assembled by hand. They are made of stoneware clay, finished with transparent glaze. After bisque firing, most pieces are hand-drawn by Karolina, so it‘s always one-of-a-kind. All are slightly similar, yet each is original.

The holder is sold without a candle. It is made to work with regular dinner candles, depending on the size. For the candle to fit, we recommend to melt them at the base (if smaller), or to shave down (if they’re bigger).

Product Details

Weight 0.8 kg
Made in Prague (Czech Republic)
Materials Stoneware Clay
Product Care Care Guide
Techniques Hand-shaped, Hand-drawn
ID 0104003
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