Painted Face Cup | Medium


Our classic medium cup is an essential piece of every collection we make. This one is a simple ceramic piece we designed for our big morning coffee (but any other drink will do just fine).

These cups are hand-thrown in a small workshop in Prague and hand-drawn or painted by Karolina. They are finished with transparent glaze and fired at a high temperature.

Please note, each piece is one-of-a-kind and may vary in shape and painting.

Made of food-safe materials for everyday use. Sold individually.

Product Details

Weight 0.2 kg
Motive with cheeks (drawing) | black, with cheeks | black, with cheeks | blue, with line | black, with pink cheeks (drawing) | black, with pink cheeks | blue, with cheeks | blue drawing, with pink cheeks | black painting
Made in Prague (Czech Republic)
Techniques Hand-painted, Wheel-thrown pottery, Hand-drawn
Volume approx. 250ml
Materials Stoneware Clay
Product Care Care Guide
Size approx. 8-9 cm height
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