Painted Face Cup | Small


Our classic small cup is an essential piece of every collection we make. This ceramic piece is a smaller version of our medium face cup. It’s designed for those, who like their filter smaller, espresso bigger (or just any other drink in perfect size of cup). It’s beautifully light but still thick enough to keep your coffee warm, without burning your fingers. It can hold 180ml of your preferred beverage.

These cups are hand-thrown in a small workshop in Prague and hand-drawn by Karolina.

Please note, each piece is one-of-a-kind and may vary in shape and painting.

Product Details

Motive Black, with cheeks (drawing) | black, with cheeks | blue, with pink cheeks | blue
Volume approx. 180 – 190 ml
Made in Prague (Czech Republic)
Techniques Hand-painted, Wheel-thrown pottery, Hand-drawn
Product Care Care Guide
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