Ramen Bowl | Glazed Outside


Inspired by Japanese ramen bowls, this beauty is just perfect for your lunch miso or soups and noodles of any kind. Time to work on your chopstick game and get ready to do some serious slurping.

Soup or noodle bowl hand-thrown of very rough stoneware clay, decorated by hand and finished with transparent glaze. High-fired in a gas kiln.

Please note, each piece is one-of-a-kind and may vary in shape and painting.

Sold individually. Made of food-safe materials for everyday use.

Product Details

Weight 0.5 kg
Made in Prague (Czech Republic)
Materials Stoneware Clay
Techniques Gas fired, Hand-painted, Wheel-thrown pottery
Volume approx. 560ml
Motive Abstract Drawing, Blue Checked (painting), Blue Leaves, Face, Blue Central Stripes, Blue Curls, Faded Blue
Product Care Care Guide
approx. 20cm
Size approx. 7-8 cm height
ID 0102006
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