Essential Cup | Espresso


This little guy is just perfect for a delicious no-fuss espresso or a short black. Pop that double shot in and enjoy your coffee the Italian way from a Nordic-style cup.

All pieces are high-fired in a gas kiln, which gives it a unique feel and structure. Very high reduction firing changes the color and structure of clay, so a simple white glaze sometimes turns yellowish, and a black glaze may turn brownish or copper.

Please note, each piece is unique and may vary in some way.

Made of food-safe materials for everyday use.

Product Details

Weight 0.2 kg
Colour ,
Made in Prague (Czech Republic)
Materials Stoneware Clay
Techniques Gas fired, Wheel-thrown pottery
Volume approx. 90 ml
approx. 6-6,5 cm
Product Care Care Guide
Size approx. 5-6 cm height




ID 0101017
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