Painted Cup | Medium


Our classic medium cup is an essential piece of every collection we make. This one is a simple ceramic piece we designed for our big morning coffee (but any other drink will do just fine). This new friend of yours is guaranteed to help you start your day just right.

These cups are hand-thrown in a small workshop in Prague and hand-drawn or painted by Karolina. They are finished with transparent glaze and fired at a high temperature.

Please note, each piece is one-of-a-kind and may vary in shape and painting.

Made of food-safe materials for everyday use. Sold individually.


Product Details

Weight 0.2 kg
Motive Black Checked (drawing), Black Checked (painting), Black Wavy Drawing, Blue and Red Checked (painting), Blue Checked (drawing), Blue Checked (painting), Blue Leaves, Fade Abstract Painting, Black Curls (painting), Black Thick Spiral, Black Thick Waves, Blue Central Stripes, Blue Dense Stripes, Blue Thick Spiral, Blue Wavy Drawing, Red Checked (painting)
Made in Prague (Czech Republic)
Techniques Hand-painted, Wheel-thrown pottery, Hand-drawn
Volume approx. 250ml
Materials Stoneware Clay
Product Care Care Guide
Size approx. 8-9 cm height
ID 0101025
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